The Monkeyverse DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is the home of a community-driven NFT (non-fungible token) project.

Our first drop is Affe mit Waffe, frequently called “The Genesis Affen”. Head over to Opensea to marvel at the collection.

“Affe mit Waffe” is a symbiosis of artificial intelligence and the human mind. The artwork is a stencil inspired by graffiti culture and lays the foundation for creative development. The colors were decided by our AI – the Real Vision Bot. It determines the colors based on emotions obtained via natural language processing from the Real Vision interviews. Human creativity completes the piece for the finishing touch.

Each Affe wants to connect, contrast, and stand out. Like the different colors and emotions of the day, the Affen are born to connect people, minds and ideas, countries, races, and genders through comparison and contrast.

Despite their bossy appearance, they are a happy hungry bunch at heart. They may look tough on the outside but are soft on the inside – and are easy to win over with a few bananas. The raised gun symbolizes our own strength and talents; it shall motivate us to use them wisely to overcome our differences for tolerance and resolve our conflicts peacefully.

Our second drop, the Board Apes, is currently in the making and we’re updating our roadmap.

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